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Assignments: Feedback Tool *still* overcapacity
by Anthony Borla - Sunday, 30 December 2012, 09:45 PM

I'd like to report that three, of my last four assignment submissions, still report the above message.

Is there, perhaps, some code layout / formatting to avoid ? Should, for instance, all comments be removed ?

I'd ordinarily experiment with various combinations of these things, but am reluctant to submit what may possibly be several versions of the same code per assignment in the hope that one is accepted. I'd rather avoid looking sloppy which is the impression this would convey.

I hugely appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Erlang Express course, and do not, in any way wish to be either critical, or ungrateful, but I would hugely appreciate if this situation could be investigated and, hopefully, rectified.

Thank you.



The above problem aside, this course, and the accompanying book, is absolutely terrific smile !