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Frequently Asked Questions

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Currently, the videos are streamed and not intended for download. You can watch them as many times as you want, until your access expires.


The platform is integrated with, providing you an Erlang shell in the browser. Also, automatic feedback will be provided (later on) on the exercises which you'll submit.


The Erlang Express course covers the first few chapters of the book (basics, sequential programming, concurrency, etc). For each sections of the course there will be direct links to the book pages. If you have a Safari O'Reilly account, you will also be able to navigate the book directly from your bowser.


There are currently no deadlines or timeframes for the course. You are free to run it at your own pace.
Remember that your access to the course expires after 6 months.
Absolutely. Erlang knowledge is not a requirement for the Erlang Express course, but you should be familiar with programming languages in general. Knowing some other functional language would be a plus, but it is not required.