Hours of Erlang lectures

We recorded six hours of Erlang video-lectures in a professional recording studio, to bring to you captivating, high-quality lectures. All our speakers are internationally recognised Erlang experts.

Automatic Assessment of your Erlang code

Try to solve the proposed Erlang exercise. Use the innovative ‘feedback tool’ to get extensive syntactical, logical and stylistic feedback.

Erlang Quizzes

Reinforce your Erlang knowledge by attempting multiple choice tests immediately after each section of the course.

Integration with tryerlang.org

Follow the interactive tutorials provided by tryerlang.org, which gives you the opportunity to try the power of the Erlang shell directly in your browser.

Augmented feedback from the compiler

Errors generated by the Erlang compiler can at times be cryptic and discourage new users. While leaving the original messages untouched, we augment the compiler warnings and errors for your Erlang code with more extensive user friendly explanations.

Integration with O’Reilly Safari

Our lectures are linked to the digital versions of the Safari books, so that if you have a Safari account you can check the books online while following our video-lectures. If you do not have a Safari account, sign up for a 2-week free trial.


Follow the screencasts that show Erlang in action. Experiment with the Erlang shell, setup your environment and write your Erlang programs together with some of the top Erlang developers in the world.

Discussion forums

Forums are available for all enrolled students, to discuss the course content and the exercises.

Support and certification with certain packages

Buy one of our value packages and our in-house experts will be happy to offer you one hour of consultancy on course material or for any Erlang project you are working on. You can also get a discount for bundling up e-learning, advanced training, conferences and certification.

Last modified: Thursday, 10 November 2011, 10:20 AM